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typical newborn session

each session includes a family photo , parent/baby sets and many sets of baby in various outfits . we use a variety of props , hats and wraps . in the session featured here, we used 6 different sets .

what to expect during your studio session

sessions take about 2 hours typically and we will do sets in this order to get the best results. you can relax in our lounge area with a beverage until we need you on set

we get these portraits first thing while the baby is awake and siblings are happy

sometimes these are our favorites .  working with 2 and 3 year old siblings along with a newborn can be very challenging but we love it !   the reward is getting natural smiles and capturing the relationship between the siblings . after this set , the siblings can go home with grandparents if available so we can focus on just the baby

we get the baby to sleep and start photographing right away.  this time is precious .  it often helps to keep the baby awake until this time so they will sleep more easily , and also wait to feed the baby until you get to the studio and we are ready to do this set .  we typically have at least 5 different sets or outfits set up ahead of time to make transitions easy .  we always leave plenty of time for feeding and changing .  during this set we do most of the close-ups of tiny feet and hands

we always do a mama/baby set and a daddy/baby set as well as parents together with baby.    we have mama gowns you can use while you are here , floral headpieces and soft lighting to capture poignant images .

how much does it cost ?

detailed list of products in each package

$385 includes 25 digital images , typically 2-3 hours of photography in our studio,  use of props and wraps   this session usually has 5-6 different sets including ones for the whole family and siblings/baby plus a special mom/baby set and dad/baby set

$485  the first few hours of baby's life is captured in your home with candid photos of the whole family  comes with all the digital images , usually 100 +

$485  newborn session at your home with the whole family   i love doing these sessions because the shots are more natural looking       i bring a few wraps and a prop or two     babies are naturally more relaxed at home in their own environment and so are siblings , making it less stressful to get portraits of them together  comes with all digital images - about 45 usually  session takes about 60-90 minutes

$950 includes 25 digital images ,  4x6  matted print set and image box ,  16x20 canvas   session takes about 2 hours and can be done in your home or the studio

$1200    set of 5x7  images from your reveal . these are beautiful , matted in white . all images included- typically 25 ,  image box to put matted images in ,   set of 3 mini album brag books , storybook with hard cover min 25 pages ,  25 digital images   session takes about 2 hours and can be done in your home or the studio


belly & baby  $635  2 sessions maternity and newborn ,  35 digital images plus free book

belly to birthday  $1535  6 sessions covering from maternity through first birthday ,  95 digital images plus free book

baby steps  $900    4 sessions the first year of your baby's life focusing on 3 month,  6m , 9m and 12 month ,  total 60 digital images plus free book

when should i book ?

book ahead 3-4 months if possible . your newborn session will be scheduled for when the baby is 7-10 days old we are currently booking newborns for may and june . baby already here ? call becca at 503-933-6677 if you are expecting, we typically do photo shoots at 32 weeks or so . email

belly & baby package $635 our most popular


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